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A Consultation prior to distant session

This is a consultation prior to your private distant session with Joanne. This includes an energy assessment and discussion of your personalised needs.

(30 minutes)

Children's Clearing Healing and Balance 0-5yrs

This is a full clearing , healing and balance for children Ages 0-5yrs.

This session is great if a child is ill or not behaving themselves. If you as a parent intuitively sense something is off with your child and their behaviour or reactions. This session is also great If the child has been surrounded by negative energy or is suffering from nightmares or overly sensitive.

(2 hours)
AUD 120.00

Children Teen Clearing Healing Balance 5-15yrs

This is a full clearing , healing and balance for children Ages 5- 15yrs.

This session is great if a child is ill or not behaving themselves. If you as a parent intuitively sense something is off with your child and their behaviour or reactions. This session is also great If the child has been surrounded by negative energy or is suffering from nightmares or overly sensitive.

(2 hours)
AUD 180.00

1st INTENSIVE PACKAGE - Energy Clearing, Healing, Balance, Repair, Boost & Protect

If you have never had a clearing and healing session with Joanne and would like to have a thorough clearing, repair, rejuvination and healing from all of your past, Joanne will check every part of your being and whatever is revealing itself at that moment is exactly what needs to be cleared, healed, repaired and boosted.

Joanne will check , clear, heal, balance, repair and protect…….

  • Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
  • All of the physical body systems
  • Clear, heal and balance all energy centres
  • Remove and residual and lower vibrational energies and objects
  • Remove energetic entities and parasites
  • Remove any multidimensional energies and objects
  • Repair any trauma or stress with Psychic surgery
  • Boost energy levels
  • Protection sheilding
  • Any extra special needs for you personally and on a soul level

This is an intensive and thorough healing session that will rarely need to be done more than once.
All that is needed afterwards is the follow up sessions to keep maintained and clear on a regular basis.
If maintanence sessions are not followed afterwards, this type of intensive session would be required again in the future.
Each Intensive healing session is individualised to your needs, so no two healings are ever the same.
Joanne will customise your session to suit you.
We start with a 1 hr consultation.
Joanne then proceeds to do the clearing, repair, healing and boosting straight after the consult.
Then follow up afterwards with all processing procedures and directions.
It is important to be hydrated prior to the consultation and healing so please drink plenty of water prior.

(3 hours)
AUD 600.00

Energy DETOX and Rejuvination Session

Energy Detox and Rejuvination Healing Session.
This is a Great session for regular maintenance min once every 3 months. This healing session is a combination of Reiki healing and spiritual energetic clearing and healing.

It is therapeutic and healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I use a combination of techniques to best suit each individual needs. No two healings are ever the same.
Chakra Balancing, clearing and healing is part of this process. When a Chakra (Energy Centre) becomes stressed, sluggish or blocked this can have a negative effect on the organs in that region of the body and can also contribute to negative emotional and mental states, such as depression or anxiety.
I will …….
*Clear, Balance, Heal and repair your Chakras (Main energy centres in the body that are located along the spine, above and below.)
*Clear all the debris from your Auric field that surrounds your body clearing away any negative lower vibrational energy.
*Heal the Aura and Chakras through Psychic Surgery techniques. *Identify the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connection to any blockages or imbalance.
*Boost and replenish the energy in your body

Therefore will also give you the information and tools / actions required to help you heal on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Psychic Surgery is a form of energetic surgery, It cleans out energetic wounds, tears and gashes and repairing the wound with specialised techniques and healing Trauma.

This healing can leave the client feeling very empowered and at peace.

This is recommended as a regular maintenance Clearing , balancing and repair and healing session.

(2 hours)
AUD 300.00

Maintenance Session

This session is for someone who has been regular with their clearings and healings not leaving it more than 3 months since their last clearing and healing with Joanne.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
AUD 200.00

Golden flush Purification Session

Golden Flush Purification Session.

This is a Multidimensional clearing session.
The removal of other universal planitary energies, parasites, objects and devices.

Clearing your body and energy from Energetic Implants, Microchips, Holographic Discs and Foreign energetic objects, parasites, forms and devices that come from a multitude of other planets and universes.

These various types of energy forms and objects all have an agenda and can sometime feel like they are taking over your body and mind.
They can prevent prevent you from evolving, moving forward and fully owning your own power.

Examples of symtoms are ….
*You may feel pain moving through your body and feel out of sorts.
*You may have itchy skin.
*Suffer from bad ear aches
*Sore and blurry eyes or ears
*Aching or throbbing lymph nodes
and many more.

There is a thorough analysis done prior to this process of removal.
Plus a guided maintenance ritual shared for your prevention of any re occurrence.
You must be hydrated prior to this service, so please drink plenty of water.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
AUD 300.00

Clear, Boost and Elevate Your Vibration Package

x 4 of 1 hr sessions
These sessions are for someone who has already had an Intensive clearing, healing and repair session and a detox and rejuvenation session with Joanne. If you want to elevate your vibration to become a magnetic high vibrational match with people, your business, career and your world and stay connected to source then this is for you. This is x 4 of 1 hr sessions

(1 hour)
AUD 600.00

Reiki REVIVE Boosting Session

Reiki Revive Boosting Healing Session

Joanne is a fully Qualified Reiki Master & Teacher
If you’ve never had a Reiki Session before here is a brief description-

Reiki is another form of Energy Healing, which also addresses chakra and body health. Energy and Light Is directed through the client until they are cleared. Energy blockages and pain anywhere in a person’s body can be treated and healed and the results are usually harmonizing, uplifting and immediate.

Reiki symbols of love , peace and healing are placed over the heart centre.
Joanne combines clearing, healing techniques with some boosting techiques to pick your energy levels up and create a feeling of uplifted rejuvination.
Please drink water prior to this service so that you are fully hydrated when this healing is applied.

(1 hour)
AUD 200.00

Distant Space Clearing

Distant Space Clearing for Personal homes, Individual Rooms, Buildings and Work offices and Spaces.

All of our feelings and thoughts are made up of vibration and energy. Therefore any negative heavy feelings or thoughts and actions when expressed will expel and effect the person, people or rooms and areas it is expressed and expelled in. This can remain in your space for a very long time and can collect and accumulate. This can have a very depressive feeling and can effect what comes to you and block anything that may benefit stopping the clear natural flow of energy. Clearing a space is essential for flow, progress, success and well being.

Great for the sale of a property, businesses and homes in general.

What you will receive-

A written assessment of energy levels before and after
A full clearing of rooms, property or space
Intuitively guided suggestions on how to improve the energy in your space or property
Closing down of any universal energetic portals that may be obstructing or creating chaos of the good natural energy flow and space
Replenishing of all rooms, property or space
A energetic protection over the rooms, property or space
Final notification on last day of monitoring when levels have stabilised at 100%
Straight after a distant clearing session the space will need to be monitored and replenished for sometimes days, till the new enriched energy becomes stable this is included in this service.
This includes an initial consultation.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
AUD 250.00

Intuitive Guidance Session

Intuitive Guidance Session

Intuitive Guidance / Readings
Intuitive Guidance can offer you perspective and guide you back to the wisdom within yourself where you already know what is true and right for you. Intuitive Guidance is NOT therapy, psychiatry, or psychology.

How Intuitive Guidance can help you?
Do you find it hard to talk about serious issues?
Do you sense that you could get more out of spirituality? out of life?
Do you have a sense that you are being led in areas you do not understand?
Are you seeking the “why?”
Does your life feel out of control?
Do you face emotional, spiritual, physical challenges of:– Illness; Relationships; Loss; Work/ Life purpose; Life issues in general.

The Benefits-
Get directly to the heart of the matter.
Become “unstuck” if you are at an impasse in your life.
Restore balance to your life.
Uncover attitudes that may be creating difficulties in your life and suggest ways to overcome them.
Receive clarity on life issues.
Shed light on decisions about which you may be uncertain.

The Process- During the Intuitive Guidance Session Joanne will ask you if you have any questions…. It’s fine if you don’t she will only receive information that you need to know about. Joanne sometimes uses tools like oracle cards, angel oracle cards and tarot. The session is strictly confidential.

A Session with Joanne engages her and your intuitive Guides and Guardians with you together to create a supportive environment for your benefit.It can help you see life patterns that work toward the realization of your highest potentials, it also helps reorient you and explores why certain things are happening in your life. The consultation is to empower you. You are presented information to help you discover new choices or solutions, or new ways of thinking about an issue, concern, or situation. Joanne is also able to give her clients useful advice and information in the form of channelling, through the use of Angels and or Spirit Guides.

(1 hour)
AUD 150.00

Private 3mnth mentoring appointment

This booking is for 3 month Paid mentoring clients to make there once a week appointment. Private mentoring sessions are for a 1 on 1 experience with me to reach a divine goal of working through any restrictions and blocks you may have. To develop yourself further and stronger.

(1 hour)

Private 6 month mentoring appointment

This booking is for 6 month Paid mentoring clients to make there once a week appointment.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)